Dare to Read

March 12, 2012

Where Ideas Come From – 6




“…the ancient people of these mountains believed time was a spiral turning continuously onto itself.”

As Doña Irene spoke, her fingers traced the intertwined spirals carved in the silver medallion dangling from her neck.

“Occasionally, the walls between different times grow thin, and the past, the present, the future, they all become one.

“These are dangerous times, because when this happens, the very course of history can be altered.”

February 27, 2012

Where Ideas Come From – 4

By Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban

From The King in the Stone.

The excavation site was nestled in a valley, hidden in the outskirts of the mountain range, which formed a natural wall that would have kept the winds away and protected the village from the harshness of winter storms.

Unlike the village I had pictured in my mind––an enclosure of huts whose thatched roofs almost touched each other––the site that now opened in front of us was a desolate place; a bare expanse of earth where rings of stone emerged like craters on a deserted moon.