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November 17, 2012

A Crimson Wonderland Blog Hop: A Touch of Fantasy



by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban



I love stories. That’s why I read, that’s why I write.

I like my stories the old fashion way. I like them to have a beginning, a middle and an end. A happy ending, thank you very much.

And the stories I like best are those that have a touch of fantasy.

No surprise then that Two Moon Princess, the first book I wrote, takes place in an imagined fantasy world. This allowed me to play by my own rules and create a world that fit my fancy. And I enjoyed living there so much, I wrote a sequel and then, yet another book in a medieval alternate Spain.

As every writer knows to write the book is just the first step towards publication. The next step is to convince an agent to represent your work.

In real life, it took me a year to get my agent. But while I waited, I started writing a fictionalized account of my struggles. In this parallel world I created Carla, my protagonist, did not have to wait so long. In fact, she finds her agent in the first chapter.

But her agent is, she soon finds out, an immortal. The introduction of this paranormal element meant that, once again, rules could be broken and history rewritten. It meant that I could give my favorite poets, Lorca and Becquer who died young, a chance to live again.

And live they do in my latest novel, Immortal Love, taking Carla into their world and into an old blood feud that could cost her what she loves most.

Meet Bécquer.

He’s handsome, well-read, and can get you that book contract you always dreamed about. Never mind that he’s also an immortal and lives on human blood. Why would that matter? Your relationship is strictly business.

Or so you thought.

Until Bécquer’s life is threatened, and you discover that walking away is not an option, because he was hurt while protecting your son, because you are the only one who can save him now, because you care for him.

Welcome to Bécquer’s world.

Please, come inside. He’s waiting for you.

This is my contribution to the Crimson Romance Blog Hop.

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August 24, 2012

Dalí, Lorca. The Kiss

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Dalí and Lorca’s friendship influenced each other’s art. No question about it.

For instance, look at this picture that Lorca painted in 1927. What do you see?

Two faces.

The one underneath is Lorca, the one with the sad eyes, Dalí. Their lips touch.

The name of the painting? The Kiss.

In Spanish

No hay duda de que la amistad entre Dalí y Lorca influenció el arte de los dos artistas.

Por ejemplo, en este cuadro que Lorca pintó en 1927, podemos ver dos caras. La cara de Dalí superpuesta a la de Lorca. Sus labios se tocan en el beso que da el nombre al cuadro.

August 23, 2012

La Residencia de Estudiantes: Lorca, Dalí y Buñuel

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by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban




Hace algún tiempo vi la maravillosa película Little Ashes, una versión cinematográfica de la amistad que unió  en los años veinte a tres de los más carismáticos artistas españoles del siglo XX: Federico García Lorca, Salvador Dalí y Luís Buñuel cuando los tres vivían en la Residencia de estudiantes de Madrid.

Para leer mi reseña pinche aquí: http://goo.gl/y7n2p

Este vídeo es una recreación de la misma historía a través de la lectura de las cartas que los tres amigos intercambiaron durante este tiempo.

Una maravilla. Disfrútenlo.

August 22, 2012

Lorca, Dali, Buñuel in La Residencia de Estudiantes

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by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban



Some time ago I watched the wonderful movie Little Ashes, a fictionalized account of the friendship of three of the most charismatic and influential Spanish artists of the twentieth century: Federico García Lorca, Salvador Dalí and Luís Buñuel. The three artists met at the Students Residence in Madrid in the 1920s.

You can read my review at: http://goo.gl/y7n2p

This video offers a reenactment of this friendship through readings of extracts from letters the three young men exchanged at the time.

Please watch and enjoy.

July 16, 2012

Lorca and Bécquer in Spain

by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban

When I came back from Spain last week-end, I brought Federico with me in the plane.

Not the real Lorca of course, for he’s alive only in my book, but some pictures of him included in an article in the Spanish newspaper El País I bought at the airport.

The article talked about Juan Ramírez de Lucas, the man who was Lorca’s love in the months preceding his death. The nineteen year old boy who kept him in Spain after the failed coup against the government on July 18, 1936, and indirectly caused his death. The boy from Albacete to whom Lorca wrote brazen poems of dark love.

The secret of Juan Ramírez de Lucas’s past relationship with Lorca was revealed only last May, two years after his death, so it’s not surprising that El País included an article about him. The surprising coincidence was that the article was published last Sunday, the only Sunday in the whole year I happened to be in Spain and buy the newspaper.

One of the many coincidences that punctuated my trip to Spain.

Other coincidences include the facts:

That my hotel in Sevilla was five minutes walking distance from the place were Bécquer was born and the church where he was baptized.

That the Exhibit Bécquer tan cerca… A través del arte, the reason I went to Sevilla, was housed in the building that once was the USA pavilion during the Iberoamerican Exhibit of 1929.

Or that the July page of my kitchen calendar displays the Route to Santiago de Compostela. Santiago de Compostela, the magnificent city where I attended college for two years, and the last stop in the religious pilgrimage across France and Spain that started in the Middle Ages and continues to our day was also my last stop before heading back to the States.

It was not a coincidence though that one of the few places my short visit to Madrid allowed between connecting flights was to the Plaza de Santa Ana where a statue of Lorca holds a dove almost in flight in his open hands.

That was my choice. Like it was my choice to visit the Academy of Bellas Artes in Sevilla where the iconic portrait Valeriano Bécquer painted of his brother Gustavo Adolfo still lure visitors with his soulful eyes.

My choice and my homage to the two poets I most admire, the two poets that are still alive in the mind of thousands of people that have read their work and physically so in my latest book Bécquer eterno.

September 29, 2011

Meet Becquer. A Query in Progress – Take 2

by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban

Here is my second attempt to write the query for my adult paranormal novel, Meet Becquer. This time I got it down to 89 words.

I don’t think this summary works as a query either. More like the copy for a book trailer?


Meet Becquer.

He’s handsome, well-read, and can get you that book contract you always dreamed.

Never mind that he’s also an immortal and lives on human blood.

What would that matter?

Your relationship is strictly business.

Or so you thought.

Until Becquer’s life is threatened, and you discover that walking away is not an option.

Because he was hurt while protecting your son.

Because you are the only one who can save him now.

Because you care for him.

Welcome to Becquer’s world.

Please, come inside. He’s waiting for you.

September 28, 2011

Meet Becquer. A Query in Progress

by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban

To write a query requires summarizing your novel down to two or three informative and engaging paragraphs that not only tell what your book is about, but also capture the mood of your story.

A difficult task I have decided to accomplish in several steps.

So here is my first attempt. From 50,000 words to 356 words. Not bad for a first try.  But I don’t think it works for a query, more like a blurb?

Anyhow, here it is. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Meet Becquer (Previously Garlic for Breakfast)

In the dreams of every woman there is a man. A man who understands her, a man who listens, a man who whispers words of love that sing without music when he makes love to her.

In the dreams of every writer there is an agent. An agent who reads her book carefully and loves it almost as much as she does. An agent who discusses her characters as if they were real, as real as they are for her. An agent who will sell her book and draft a contract she understands at the first read. An agent who will give her the freedom of writing what she wants, then helps her rewrite it until it’s perfect, or as close as perfect as it will ever be.

Carla has met both. In one. His name is Becquer and he’s a poet. Or, more exactly, he was a poet back in 1870, the year he died. Only he didn’t died, just stopped being human.

He’s an  immortal now, a stronger, sense-enhanced creature that lives on human blood.

There are others. Well-known poets and musicians and heroes we have met on the pages of History books. Poets like Lorca who was once his lover and still loves him. Statesmen like Cesare Borgia who hates him and has sworn to destroy him.

And there are humans who know about them. Humans, like Beatriz, Becquer’s secretary and former lover, who covet his gift. Beatriz who has waited a long time for Becquer to make her immortal and does not take lightly to his interest in Carla.

When Carla meets Beatriz and realizes the danger that signing Becquer as her agent poses to her and to her children, she asks Becquer to break their contract. But, by then, it’s too late. Too late for Becquer to escape Beatriz’s murderous scorn, too late for Carla to leave unharmed for he already loves him.

Yes, Carla’s dream has come true. Her dream of finding the perfect lover, the perfect agent, the perfect book contract.

But somehow, along the way, the dream has morphed into a nightmare from which she cannot wake up.

June 23, 2011

Lorca, Buñuel and Dali in Madrid, 1926

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From left to right: Salvador Dalí, Moreno Villa, Luis Buñuel, García Lorca, and Jose Antonio Rubio Sacristán, Madrid, 1926

Lorca was 28 years old at the time this picture was taken. Buñuel 26 and Dalí, 22.


I found this picture at http://edbattle.com/post/6674889897/salvador-dali-moreno-villa-luis-bunuel-garcia