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March 6, 2011

Favorite books

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by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban



Tired of authors talking about themselves?

You may like, then, Joyce DiPastena’s interviews. They center on the books the authors have read and loved. A refreshing approach.

See at http://jdp-news.blogspot.com/2011/03/get-to-know-author-carmen-ferreiro.html

March 2, 2011

On Fortune’s Wheel by Cynthia Voigt

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Reviewed by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban

A beautiful story of love and courage.

From the moment she looks into the deep blue eyes of the young lord she found stealing a boat the previous night, Birle knows she’ll love him forever. She’s also painfully aware that her love will never be: he’s a lord, she, an innkeeper’s daughter. Not that it matters anyway, as the lord sees in her only a child. Content just to be with him for the time being, Birle convinces the lord to let her come with him.

For days they travel down the river, Birle’s practical skills a valuable asset to help them find food and survive in the wilderness. But as soon as they reach the ocean, they’re taken prisoners and separately sold as slaves.

Refusing to accept her lord is lost, Birle searches for him in the unknown city where she’s also a slave, risking her life again and again to save him from his brutal master and help him return to their kingdom, even if doing so means she will never be with him.

This is a beautifully told story of love and courage for the romantics at heart.