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April 18, 2011

Boy Books, Girl Books

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by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban

Boy books, girl books. Are books genre specific?

Join us today at the Enchanted Inkpot (http://enchantedinkpot.livejournal.com/62614.html) to read what Leah Cypess and other Inkers have to say on this controversial subject.

March 21, 2011

Día Mundial de la Poesía / A Celebration of Poetry

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by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban



Si los líderes leyeran poesía, serían más sabios./If our leaders read poetry, they would be wiser.
Octavio Paz


Mi corazón oprimido
siente junto a la alborada
el dolor de sus amores
y el sueño de las distancias.
La luz de la aurora lleva
semillero de nostalgias
y la tristeza sin ojos
de la médula del alma.
La gran tumba de la noche
su negro velo levanta
para ocultar con el día
la inmensa cumbre estrellada.

¡Qué haré yo sobre estos campos
cogiendo nidos y ramas,
rodeado de la aurora
y llena de noche el alma!
¡Qué haré si tienes tus ojos
muertos a las luces claras
y no ha de sentir mi carne
el calor de tus miradas!

¿Por qué te perdí por siempre
en aquella tarde clara?
Hoy mi pecho está reseco
como una estrella apagada.

Federico García Lorca (Granada 1898-1936).

March 2, 2011

A Sharp Turn into Fantasy by Leah Cypress

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On our weekly TOTW post at The Enchanted Inkpost, Leah Cypess wonders whether readers like or are upset when a book takes an unexpected turn into fantasy.

If the subject interests you, please, read her post, and leave your comments at:


February 21, 2011

Monday post at The Enchanted Inkpot

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Find out how authors create those magical moments between your favorite fictional couples by reading The Elements of Sexual Tension by Marissa Meyer at http://community.livejournal.com/enchantedinkpot/83185.html

February 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Becquer!

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by Carmen Ferreiro Esteban

Today is Becquer’s birthday.

Becquer, Gustavo Adolfo, was a Spanish writer, born in Sevilla in 1836. Had he been alive, he would have been 15 years short of 200, today.

Unfortunately he died young, at 34, leaving behind a too short body of work his friends published after his death, for while alive, he was mostly unknown.

Yet, Becquer, the poet, is not dead for every day, someone, somewhere, cares enough to publish a poem in her blog, to read his legends, then lie awake at night in fear of the ghosts he’s conjured with his words.

Becquer is not dead for he lives in his poems. And his poems are alive in the feverish mind of any Spanish girl whose heart has been broken yet once again.

He’s alive in my thoughts, for, as you may remember if you’ve read my previous posts, in my book, I made Becquer immortal and brought him to the New World.

And I know he’s alive because today, after weeks of struggling with a plot that seemed to go nowhere, something clicked in my mind and story and characters fit together at last, like the pieces in a game of chess aligning for checkmate.

It was that magical moment, if you’re a writer you’ll recognize, when everything falls neatly into place, the way a mighty castle forms at the bottom of a lake by the addition of just an extra grain of salt.

And being my book about Becquer and being his birthday today, how can I not believe it was his spirit’s whispers the wind that made music out of my notes?

And so it is with all my heart, I wish you, Becquer, a very Happy Birthday and a long immortal life.

February 15, 2011

Love Story Archetypes by Wendy Delsol

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If you have ever being enthralled by the odds working against your favorite characters to get together in a story, you may want to check what Wendy Delsol calls ‘Love Story Archetypes’ in out Enchanted Inkpot blog.


October 11, 2010

Dare to Read by Carmen Ferreiro Esteban

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A picture/photograph shows us what we have already seen, maybe in a slightly different way, or shows us the impossible and startles us, shattering our beliefs and making us think.

A piece of music sets the mood, the sound a direct hit to our brain.

A movie combines both  to tell a story: the images that create the world the characters inhabit, the music that elicit feelings. It has also words (dialogue) that communicate what the characters think.

Pictures, music and movies do not ask much of us. To look or listen does not require much energy.

Books, on the other hand, do not have pictures or music to lure us in. They only have words. Only words to paint a picture, to create a song.

Books demand action on our part and complete immersion, because the words must be processed by our brain to be translated into images and feelings. To do so, the brain calls on our knowledge.

That is why reading is, I believe, a more personal experience. And at the end, the most rewarding.

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