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July 8, 2011

Two Moon Princess Smart Review





Candi Criddle at Goodreads.com gave my YA novel Two Moon Princess a great review.

From her first sentence:

“I weirdly liked this a lot, but not for being any of the things it said it was.”

to her last paragraph:

“This book was about culture shock, growing up, and sacrifice; not time travel, romance, and princesses. I was tricked into reading it, but found I liked it and kept coming back to see what happened.”

She got it just weirdly perfect.

Thank you so much Candi.

See the complete review at: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/182304921

July 4, 2011

Ripple by Mandy Hubbard

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Reviewed by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban




For my review of Mandy Hubbard new title Ripple, please go to:


Mandy Hubbard’s previous titles are Prada and Prejudice and You Wish. She is also an agent with D4EO Literary.

Check her Submissions Guidelines here: http://www.mandyhubbard.com/index.php/agent/

April 24, 2011

Two Moon Princess Blog Tour – 4

by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban

In this, the final week of the TWO MOON PRINCESS blog tour, please visit the following websites.

Monday, April 25: Nicole at Books Complete Me (Character Tweets)
Tuesday, April 26: Kate at The Neverending Shelf (Author Interview)
Wednesday, April 27: Diana at Books By Their Story (Review)
Thursday, April 28: Christie at The Fiction Enthusiast (Tens List)
Friday, April 29: Emily at Emily’s Reading Room (This or That List: Julian)
Saturday, April 30: Amy at Reading Teen (Review)

Thank you for all the wonderful bloggers that had me over and special thanks to Kari for organizing this awesome tour.

April 17, 2011

Two Moon Princess Blog Tour

By Carmen Ferreiro Esteban

Today begins the third week of my book blog tour for Two Moon Princess.

As usual, the schedule is below.


Sunday, April 17: Britta at I Like These Books (Review)
Monday, April 18: Nicole at WORD For Teens (Into the Past)
Tuesday, April 19: Melissa at Mel’s Books and Info (Character Interview: Julian)
Wednesday, April 20: Elizabeth at Swords For Fighting (This or That List: Andrea)
Thursday, April 21: Michelle at See Michelle Read (Review)
Friday, April 22: Kristen at Bookworming in the 21st Century (Author Interview)
Saturday, April 23: Kathryn at Beastie Books (Tens List)

April 10, 2011

Two Moon Princess Book Blog Tour

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Welcome to the second week in the Two Moon Princess book blog tour.

Saturday, April 9: Kayla at Caught Between The Pages (Review) http://caughtbetweenthepages.wordpress.com/

Sunday, April 10: Diana at Books By Their Story (When I’m Not Writing) http://booksbytheirstory.blogspot.com/
Monday, April 11: Michelle at See Michelle Read (Author Interview) http://seemichelleread.blogspot.com/
Tuesday, April 12: Page at One Book At A Time (Review) http://onebooktime.blogspot.com/
Wednesday, April 13: Gail at Ticket To Anywhere (This or That List: Carmen) http://www.tickettoanywhere.net
Thursday, April 14: Kayla at Caught Between The Pages (Tens List) http://caughtbetweenthepages.wordpress.com/
Friday, April 15: Lexie at Poisoned Rationality (Review) http://lastexilewords.blogspot.com
Saturday, April 16: Page at One Book At A Time (Cover Interview) http://onebooktime.blogspot.com/

April 2, 2011

Welcome to Two Moon Princess Blog Tour

by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban

For an author, Virtual Book Tours have the best of both worlds. You get to meet lots of interesting people and talk about your book, yet you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.

Thanks to Kari, the blog tour for my YA fantasy TWO MOON PRINCESS (Tanglewood Press) starts this Monday April 4 with Amber Clark’s pageturnersblog.com and continued daily until April 30.

The schedule for this first week is as follow:

Monday, April 4: Amber Clark (Teenage Garage Sale)          www.pageturnersblog.com

Tuesday, April 5: Lexie (Character Interview: Andrea)     http://lastexilewords.blogspot.com

Wednesday, April 6: Melissa(Review)                                    http://bookgirl-mel.blogspot.com/

Thursday, April 7: Britta (Tens List)                                           www.ilikethesebooks.blogspot.com

Friday, April 8: Amy-RT (Author Interview)                           http://ReadingTeen.net/

Saturday, April 9: Kayla at Caught Between The Pages (Review) http://caughtbetweenthepages.wordpress.com/

As specified above, each blogger will post either a review of Two Moon Princess, a guest post about a specific subject she requested from me, or an interview with the author (that would be me).

I was amazed at the imagination displayed by these wonderful bloggers in their choice of questions and blog subject matters. I hope my answers do them justice.

Please stop by at any time, and leave your comments.

March 29, 2011

The King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner

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Review by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban




Clever and Cunning, The Thief is King

No one said marriage is easy. The one between Eugenides, the spy/thief of Eddis and his sworn enemy the queen of Attolia seemed doomed from the start, a marriage of political convenience, imposed on Attolia by their rival kingdom. For how could the thief possibly love the queen responsible for the loss of his hand?

But Eugenides is anything but predictable and has married the queen for love, even if by doing so he must leave his beloved Eddis behind.

As the third book in this excellent series starts, Eugenides is stranded in the Attolian palace. Ridiculed by the Attolian courtesans, despised by the Queen guards and his own attendants, he endures their daily pranks, pretending to be a guileless idiot while weaving a web of intrigue to gain his queen’s heart and bring his enemies to their knees. If only he lives long enough.

Cleverly plotted and beautiful written, the story moves at a fast pace to a satisfying conclusion that answers many questions while posing new ones,

Is the Queen pregnant as her fainting may suggest?

Where is Sophos, the heir of Sounis? Would he marry the Queen of Eddis?

Would the political situation in a not distant future set Eugenides against his cousin, the queen of Eddis?

The only thing I know for sure is that I’m impatiently waiting for the King’s return.

March 2, 2011

On Fortune’s Wheel by Cynthia Voigt

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Reviewed by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban

A beautiful story of love and courage.

From the moment she looks into the deep blue eyes of the young lord she found stealing a boat the previous night, Birle knows she’ll love him forever. She’s also painfully aware that her love will never be: he’s a lord, she, an innkeeper’s daughter. Not that it matters anyway, as the lord sees in her only a child. Content just to be with him for the time being, Birle convinces the lord to let her come with him.

For days they travel down the river, Birle’s practical skills a valuable asset to help them find food and survive in the wilderness. But as soon as they reach the ocean, they’re taken prisoners and separately sold as slaves.

Refusing to accept her lord is lost, Birle searches for him in the unknown city where she’s also a slave, risking her life again and again to save him from his brutal master and help him return to their kingdom, even if doing so means she will never be with him.

This is a beautifully told story of love and courage for the romantics at heart.

February 28, 2011

Montmorency and the Assassins by Eleanor Updale

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Reviewed by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban


I loved the first book in this series, Thief, Liar, Gentleman? Yes, the story stretches the limits of believability. An urchin with no education is readily accepted as a member of the upper classes in Victorian London. His transformation from callous thief to refined gentleman occurs overnight upon his attending his first opera. Yet, I decided to accept these improbable twists and go along with the story.

But the second book, Montmorency On The Rocks: Doctor, Aristocrat, Murderer?, took a turn for the worst. Instead of developing their personality, here the characters became even shallower. The plot is random, the reasons behind the characters’ actions non-existent or contradictory with their previous behaviors. The female characters even less developed that their male counterparts and that is to say something. There is no hint of any kind of sexuality on any of them, male or female, even though one of the females is a prostitute. And by the way, this is a YA novel, am I the only one to have a problem with that?


Apparently so. For the protagonists, even the aristocratic lord, accept her easily enough. And then, there is the bomb, at the end of the second book, that the said prostitute is pregnant. As I said, there is no hint of any relationship before, so the reader is left wondering who is the father of the baby.

The reader is not the only one wondering, for during this, the third book, the three male protagonists wonder too whether they are the father of the now 13 year old boy. Which means the mother was the lover of the three men. At least once. Yet, they all get along swimmingly. Really?

Then there is Maggie, the doormat nurse, who does everything for her love interest, without asking anything in return. Her selfishness is irritating. Is this what we want our daughters to become?


Plus the story in this third installment makes even less sense. Aristocrats, anarchists, working classes and the new American industrialists are all clichés and poorly developed. And don’t get me started with the contrivances of the reappearance in America of a secondary character from the first book.

Overall terribly disappointing.

August 31, 2010

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

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The Hunger Games are the ultimate reality show: A fight to the death among 24 young people (the tributes), one boy and one girl from each of the twelve districts, while the rich and spoiled people of the Capitol watch on, and bid for their favorites. Only a winner is allowed. A winner that will never be hungry again or forced to participate in the games.

The Games take place every year in the Capitol and are run by the government that rules the twelve districts, the remnants of the land that once was called North America. The Games are a reminder that “resistance is futile” as the Capitol has the power to destroy the districts if so wished, as it destroyed number thirteen seventy four years ago during the last rebellion.

As the book starts, sixteen years old Katniss volunteers to compete in the Games when her twelve years old sister is chosen to represent the 12th district. Katniss, who lost her father in a mine explosion at thirteen and has been since keeping her mother and little sister fed with her hunting, is determined to stay alive whatever the price. For Peeta, the male tribute from the same district, things are not so simple. Is it possible, he wonders, to play the Games without losing his humanity?

Those who think YA and/or Fantasy books are light fare may have to reconsider after reading this book because the question The Hunger Games asks: would you kill to stay alive? Would you kill an enemy, a friend, a lover? is not easy to answer.

Suzanne Collins’s premise in The Hunger Games is that yes, when hunted, we all become hunters. But killing a human being comes with a high price and the survivor will forever be haunted by the dead.

Being a Young Adult novel, the story ends with a note of hope (and BTW that is why I read/write YA novels). Yet the question remains, taunting the reader: how much of your humanity/your core beliefs will you give up to stay alive? to make a living? It’s a question we all have had (or will have) to answer sometime in our lives, even if the circumstances are not as extreme as in the novel and the price not so high.

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