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August 20, 2012

Rima XXVII Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

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Awake, I fear to look ;
Asleep, I dare to see ;
For that, soul of my soul,
I watch the while you sleep.

Awake, you laugh ; and laughing your unquiet lips appear
Like sinuous, crimson meteors upon a sky of snow.
Asleep, a sweet smile gently curls the corners of your
Soft as the track effulgent of the swiftly dying sun ;

Sleep ! Sleep!
Awake, you look ; and looking your moist eyes resplendent
Like a wave, whose crest is smitten by a jav’lin of the sun.
Asleep, across your eye-lids you send forth a tranquil
Like a lamp transparent, shedding even rays of tempered
light ;—
Sleep ! Sleep !

Awake, you speak ; and speaking, all your vibrant words
Like a show’r “of pearls in torrents pour’d into a golden

Asleep, in ev’ry murmur of your soft and measured
I listen to a poem, which my soul enamour’d hears ;

Sleep ! Sleep!
On my heart IVe placed my hand
Lest its beating should be heard,
Lest discordant it should sound
On the solemn chord of night.
I have closed the jalousies
Lest that roysterer, the dawn,
With his glaring robe of light
Should awake you from your dreams;
Sleep ! Sleep !

Translation into English by Mason Carnes, 1891

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