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March 29, 2012

Why Writing on Hubpages Is A Fabulous Way to Start Writing Online

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Today my friend and fellow writer, Roberta Kyle, has kindly agreed to give us an overview of what HubPages is and how writers can use it to share their work, connect with others with similar interest and even make a little money on the side.


Guest Post by Roberta Kyle

I stumbled into Hubpages quite by accident in 2008. At the time I was a retired former copywriter, publicity writer and general wordsmith from back in the Paleolithic pre-blogesphere era. I had joined a traditional writers group and was feeling my way through fiction writing, grappling with the joys and trials of plot and dialogue and trying with only limited success to craft interesting short stories and get it together to write a novel.

I was fairly internet savvy for an old dog, having owned a website and written some content back in the nineties, but was clueless about social media, keyword research and anything other than the rudiments of SEO. I didn’t even have a blog then, and it certainly never occurred to me until I got to Hubpages that I could develop a readership, meet other writers, learn the ins and outs of writing for the internet and make money at the same time by writing Hubs and becoming part of the Hubpages online community.

If you are scratching your head and asking ” what the heck is Hubpages?” and you are a writer, listen up. Hubpages is what Wikipedia calls “a social content community for writers” Translated, this means that it is a website where more than a quarter of a million writers have their own free subdomains on which they post magazine-style articles or ” Hubs.”The site has certain requirements and provides its own easy-to- use template which includes options for embedding videos, external links, reader surveys, photos maps, and comments. Hubpages also puts advertising on your Hubs ( if you want it) and shares the revenue with you. It isn’t a bad deal– you get sixty percent of the ad impressions and Hubpages gets forty percent. In other words, it is a great place to learn the fine points of writing for the internet and you get to earn while you learn. Not a bad deal.

On top of all that, Hubpages is the 50th most visited website on the internet which gives it plenty of Google clout and your articles lots of exposure, plus some real revenue potential from Google Adsense, e-Bay and Amazon in addition to Hubpages own Ad program.

I write about all sorts of things on Hubpages, from travel to tips on giving up smoking. I have made a number of really interesting friends on the site and although I don’t write fiction or poetry there, a number of people do. There is a vibrant community of poets doing their thing on Hubpages. One of my favorites is Tom Rubenoff who is also The Poetry Locksmith on Eye on LIfe, an e-zine started by a couple of folks who met on, guess where? yup Hubpages.

So, if you are a writer who is burned out on finishing that novel or a poet who wants a place to publish where somebody will actually read it, or someone with an idea you want to spread around, or a travel writer, mommy blogger, sports enthusiast or just about anything else and want a place where you can write and publish on the internet, meet a fabulous group of fellow writers, and earn some money at the same time, think about signing up for Hubpages.   Just follow this link. and you too will soon be obsessed with writing your next Hub, getting followers, researching keywords, creating backlinks and worried about getting flamed in the forums. But the very best part is that a lot of people will see and respond to your work. What more could any writer want?



Roberta Kyle writes as robie2 on Hubpages


  1. I jsut signed up for this and published my first Hub. Thanks for such an informative blog.

    Comment by Victoria Adams — March 29, 2012 @ 3:36 pm | Reply

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