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July 2, 2011

Culebra recites Bécquer in Los Protegidos/The Protected

by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban

If you are a boy and ever loved a girl.
If you are a girl and ever kissed a boy.

You’ll love this video (http://youtu.be/NnuSmnSgYmo) from the Spanish (antena 3) TV show Los Protegidos.

In the video, Culebra, recites Becquer’s Rhyme IV in front of the class to impress his girl, Sandra. And Sandra, moved by the poet’s words…


And if your Spanish is too rusty to understand the poem, you can read the translation below:


Podrá nublarse el sol eternamente;

podrá secarse en un instante el mar;

podrá romperse el eje de la tierra

como un débil cristal.

¡Todo sucederá!

Podrá la muerte cubrirme

con su fúnebre crespón;

pero jamás en mí podrá apagarse

la llama de tu amor

RHYME LXXVIII (Translation, Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban)

Perhaps the sun will disappear

shrouded in clouds for all eternity,

Perhaps the infinite ocean will dry up in one night,

Perhanps the Earth axis will break as if made out of glass

This all might happen!

Perhaps death will come

to set its mournful mantle upon me

But in my heart, nothing will ever quench

the fire of my love for you.


Rhyme IV

o, do not tell me, that, its treasure, spent.

The lyre is mute from lack of argument.

We may not always rich in poets be.

But never destitute of poesy.

While billows are inflamed with blushes bright

And tremble to recciye the kiss of light;

While Phoebus may in majesty behold

The scattered clouds of purple (ire and gold;

While in ¡ts bosom’s folds, the atmosphere

Rare perfumes and sweet harmonies may bear.

While spring exists to fill the heart with glee

There will be always, always, poesy.

While science may not, of endeavor rife.

Discover the true origin of life;

While chasms still remain in sea or sky.

Which all our calculations may defy;

And, while humanity in darkness stalks.

Advancing, without knowing, where it walks.

While there is left a single mystery,

There will be always, always, poesy.

While we may feel the soul rejoicing, while

Our lips do not endorse it with a smile;

While we may weep in silent misery

Without a single tear to dew the eye;

While heart and head, by adverse forces pricked ,

To useless strife, continue to conflict;

While hopes and recollections still may be.

There will be always, always, poesy.

While there are eyes, which may reflect the gaze

Of other eyes in sympathetic rays;

While one lip still with lon<>in{; may reply

Unto another’s corresponding sigh;

While two souls may confound in mutual bliss

And seal the compact with a fervent kiss;

While one fair woman lives for you and me.

There will be always, always, poesy!
by Gustavo Adolfo Becquer


The translation I found at:



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