Dare to Read

October 11, 2010

Dare to Read by Carmen Ferreiro Esteban

Filed under: On Reading — carmenferreiroesteban @ 3:24 pm

A picture/photograph shows us what we have already seen, maybe in a slightly different way, or shows us the impossible and startles us, shattering our beliefs and making us think.

A piece of music sets the mood, the sound a direct hit to our brain.

A movie combines both  to tell a story: the images that create the world the characters inhabit, the music that elicit feelings. It has also words (dialogue) that communicate what the characters think.

Pictures, music and movies do not ask much of us. To look or listen does not require much energy.

Books, on the other hand, do not have pictures or music to lure us in. They only have words. Only words to paint a picture, to create a song.

Books demand action on our part and complete immersion, because the words must be processed by our brain to be translated into images and feelings. To do so, the brain calls on our knowledge.

That is why reading is, I believe, a more personal experience. And at the end, the most rewarding.

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